Greetings Readers,

I’m starting this blog as a way to discuss some basic points about atheism.  Discussions will be focused on (but not limited to): contrasting theism/religions with atheistic thought, difficulties involved with being an atheist, and the importance of announcing your atheism (this last one can be interpreted by believers as “why do those atheists bother telling us about it”).

There is not a specific regularity planned to these blogs, more interest on your part will likely lead to more entries on my part.  While I don’t anticipate having specific answer sessions, I will take feedback I get into consideration for future blogs.  In particular, I would love to get recommendations about issues you would like discussed.  If you have questions or criticisms about current (or past blogs), feel free to send them in.  If you have been kind enough to read and think about what I write, I will grant you the same courtesy.



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