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Gentle Reader,

Hopeful you have enjoyed your week.  Here in the US, we’ve been celebrating the 4th of July.  This is our Independence Day, where we told the Brits we didn’t like their tax system.  This reminds me of a joke I heard – An American is touring about Europe for the summer. On the 4th of July, he goes around looking for a party to join.  To his surprise nothing special is going on, no fireworks, no parades nothing.  So, he goes up to a local and asks “don’t you guys have the 4th here?” The local responds “of course, today’s the 4th.” – That’s it, let it sink in.

Anyway, fireworks aren’t allowed where I live, so we celebrated by having some barbeque and drinking to things we appreciated about America.  And since we live in California, we stuck to the local wines and beer.  For us, the greatest things about our country revolved around the strength of the Constitution, the separation of church and state (such as it is), and the impressive influence the US has had in a very short amount of time (at only 236 years old if we count from the declaration, it’s pretty young).

So, that’s been it, between toasting the US, and a few house chores my time has been filled.  I expect to have part two to the “Is religion rational” discussion up shortly, and I have been working on a review of Leviticus.  Bear with me a few days, and I promise some more interesting reading.  Until then, think happy thoughts about the Stars and Stripes!